Why I'm An Alcoholic
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I'll drink until I forget, even if it kills me first.

Why I'm An Alcoholic

by vanillaocean

When you left me, it burned more than a shot of vodka burns your throat

So, I took 2.

I took 2 shots of vodka, to help me forget, forget you, forget your empty promises, forget everything.

I took 3 shots of vodka to forget the way you pressed your lips to hers instead of mine.

I took 4 shots of vodka to forget how you told me you loved me while promising her forever.

I took 5 shots of vodka for every song you ruined for me.

I took 6 shots of vodka for every time you made me believe you loved me.

I took 7 shots of vodka the night you told me, "I don't love you anymore."

Make that 8

I took 9 shots of vodka every time someone asked me what happened to you, to us.

Because unless my lips were stained and my throat was burning, I couldn't dare tell them you chose her over me.

And whenever I think about you, I empty the bottle the way you emptied me

Because I'd rather burn my throat with poison than burn my mind with memories

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