Never look back Ch.3 Loyalty from birds?
Never look back Ch.3 Loyalty from birds? ocs stories

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Making contact with a monster

Never look back Ch.3 Loyalty from birds?

I tried to make contact with 2961 several times only for it to glare or bring out one of blades twirling it.

I mean yeah I did kick one of those damn birds but why its so mad I'll never know or care.

"What's so special about those birds?"I asked one last time looking at the SCP.

It looked up tilting its head as if thinking.

"A means of loyalty I suppose,"2961 said finally responding!

"loyalty?"I was confused what it meant by that. I mean those things can't think for themselves. Right?

"Yes loyalty. These birds have been with me since their transformation with slight minds of their own.

I keep them safe an they stay with me,"it shrugged petting one of the raven mockers with its glove like clawed hand.

I nodded slightly getting what it meant but then it made me wonder why it did the things it did.

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