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Lust I dream of him, a man I had never seen,



I dream of him, a man I had never seen,

He calls to me somehow.

Emerald eyes stab the darkness of my slumber

And lure me in.

Fixating eyes, imploring and forcing submission.

From the darkness he emerges,

His dark hair hangs in waves about icy skin.

Tall in form, sombrely clad.

As if held behind shutters, I can see him staring in,

Reaching down into my soul and tearing me apart.

The shutters, or a cupboard, in a strange house.

The mists clear.

He is gone.

Voices drift up the stairs, talking.

The dark soul that I adore stalks downwards

And takes his victim's blood with an enticing charm.

Once again he appears before me,

Seeing me as no one has.

Watching me until I wake, as if standing beside my bed.

Deaths of local youths fill the news,

No one knows the truth but me.

I chose to seek, chose to find and chose my destiny.

Such grim souls live in an underworld,

And there in the sub-cultures I search.

He anticipates my every movement and drives me to him.

In the dismal galley of his club I find him,

Hiding in the open.

Protected by those charged for centuries to be his slaves,

Yet I am invited in as if he had waited eternally, patiently.

His current consort loafs on the sofa, pale and drained.

He feeds from her wrist with brazen openness

Making no attempt to hide the monster within.

I had sought him without rationale, my tongue stills.

We need no words as he speaks through his eyes.

His consort shuffles jealously, with sullen mood,

But we touch each-other through the crowds as I approach.

Revellers clear a path for us to meet uninhibited,

Sparks fill my soul as his fingers meet my lips.

I have known him forever.

Instantly we glide to the floor, he holds me passionately,

Moves his body against mine.

He towers over my smaller frame; I am safe with the monster.

At his will the music changes to a ballad,

And we dance as if at an Austrian ball.

Through touch he answers my questions.

Prince of Egypt.

Heretic and sadist.

He delighted in carnal pleasures of pain,

Inflicting pain.

Retribution was swift;

Eternal life, eternal darkness and eternal blood lust.

Leaving his home, he journeyed across the seas,

Sated his desires in the Roman world.


Legendary orgies,

Legendary massacres.

Pushed west as the world evolved.

West to the emerald lands,

Hiding in his rural fortress.

Building his fortune in the towns,

His feeding ground.

We move in rhythm,

But the mirror's reflection proposes that I am dancing alone.

His hands move up and down my body gently,

As he draws me closer and closer until the world darkens.

I awaken unharmed, locked in the fortress.

My cell a beautifully furnished room, antique in design.

Plush drapes shut out the morning sun.

My door is unlocked.

I find myself exploring, each room more exquisite than the last.

Gothic in style, apt for the creature that stole me.

At last I stumble into the consort, resting on a chaise longue.

Her life drains before me.

Drugged with the euphoric promise of lust fulfilled.

I rouse her, she suffers.

Chimes emanate from the grandfather clock in the grand hall.

I leave the lounge and search desperately for an escape,

Saving her damned soul is all that matters.

Heavy oak shutters seal the windows, the door is bolted.

My movements do not go unnoticed.

A wizened butler of sorts approaches,

I see compassion in his eyes,

yet he is damned to serve his master's will.

His master wills that no one is to leave,

with an ageing gentle hand, the butler leads me back to the lounge.

I plead with him to release the concert,

Assure him that she will die.

He is desensitized, having seen his master feed for centuries.

Desperately I try to rouse the concert,

Failing I run throughout the fortress seeking an exit.

Time is lost to me.

I fail to notice the sun's demise.

Deeper and deeper I search;

From the bleak attic rooms, that narrow and darken forever,

To the lowest den beneath.

Therein I find the crypt, the beast's den.

His tomb is empty.

I shudder as the steps darken and his shadow looms menacingly.

As he moves towards me I hear his lying promises echo in my mind.

There is nowhere to run,

I back myself into a corner as he nears.

His hand reaches out to me and wantonly I step forward,

My mind is not my own.

He strokes my hair soothing me, he is alluring.

My mind resists as his lips meet mine.

Mouth to mouth we brush against each other,

Pulses fill my belly.


I know him.

Our lips lock passionately, my hands clasp about his neck,

And effortlessly I am lifted.

Under his instruction I dress in the gown provided,

Scarlet and long.

Escorted by the butler to his table, seated opposite the consort.

We are fed rare meats as he consumes her blood,

Her wrist is open.

I watch in vain as the life ebbs from her body.

So beautiful, yet so cruel.

Barely alive, the servant removes her from our presence.

I retire to my room.

His voice calls to me as I rest,

And he comes.

The door opens at his bidding and I rise to meet him.

Conflicted emotions burn inside,

As I watch him tear open his chemise.

He crawls like an animal up the bed,

And I lay back as his mind instructs.

Surrender, perhaps reluctant, but certainly full.

His body presses down on my own.

My hands open my own shift just as his mind commands,

Once again, his mouth covers my own

And my body betrays me.

I am his.

Roberto; stunning, enticing and cruel!

Every movement forces me to ache for more.

His lips caress my lips, cheeks and throat, cover my breasts.

His hands move exquisitely to meet my every need

And I want him at any cost.

That is his power.

Forcefully he tears the shift from my body,

Making me vulnerable to his hungry gaze.

Roughly, his hands clasp mine

Forcing me to submit to his will.

His lips smother my entirety

And I feel his lust.

Removing his belt he ties my hands with the same,

Perhaps sensing the reluctance that gnaws my mind.

As he fills me my head drops back

With perfect sensation.

His tongue meets mine and travels ardently down my throat,

His teeth scrape my neck harshly yet sensually,

And I am penetrated by sharpened fangs.

Elevated, the bolts flood aggressively,

I am his. My eyes close as I surrender to his will.

The sun offers clarity as it sneaks through the shutters.

Doomed to die in the fortress, one of many victims.

His consort is nowhere to be found. I sense she suffers.

Again, I attempt to flee, but with careful planning.

Softly the curtains are drawn back,

And the shutters manipulated with some force.

Time sneaks by, the winter evening dims,

As I force the wood.

Finally, they snap. I stare downwards at the gardens below.

A slight ledge offers a foothold above the windows below.

Carefully I lower myself,

carefully I drop.

Hands catch as I slip and break my fall.

Grip releases, with haste the ground meets me.

Cuts open from the gravel.

Weakened by his lusty hunger I struggle to stand.

The journey to the sheltering trees is a hobble,

Their canopies offer concealment.

Feet tear on the forest floor

And the wound is opening from hand to wrist.

I see the blood in the moonlight,

But force myself onwards.

All the while pitying the consort.

A gust of wind hurtles through the copse!

He is here and refuses to abandon me to the night.

To submit means certain death, or life.

I still myself and listen, I sense him.

My body is drawn to him, but I hold fast.

My wrists throb as blood pours from the fall,

I fear he can smell me.

Movement echoes from behind, so I hurry on.

Branches crack behind me in the distance,

But his voice pounds through my mind.

Suddenly my feet lock and dig into the floor,

I am gripped by his overwhelming mind.

Mesmerised I expect to hear him behind,

Yet he appears before me, vapour from the mists.

He sees the blood flowing, eyes glow with desire

And my wrist is pulled to his kindly lips as he gently partakes.

His kiss quells the blood, he pierces his own wrist

And raises it to my lips allowing a few drops to fall on my tongue.

Strong arms lift me, pull me deeply into his physique,

And hide me from danger.

I sink into his darkness.

For days it seems I am unconscious,

Vaguely aware of his presence and he seldom leaves.

Weakened through blood loss I rest under the monster's guard.

During the nights I hear the consort scream,

Seeing through his eyes, he cannot touch me so he tortures her.

She suffers, I am too weak to act.

I cannot save her from his lustful wrath.

He strokes my hair with such a monstrous passion,

Kisses my head and my throat as I rest.

My strength comes back with each bloodied kiss imparted,

A strange awareness evolves within me; surreal senses.

He waits, but with each night that passes the consort suffers.

I feel her pain; he knows I feel her pain.

She is bound, and he has become cruel, sadistic.

He tears at her with an urgent spite

Until finally I can bear no more and offer my life for hers.

With a mocking sneer he praises my morality,

But declines my request offering an alternative.

To die, to live and to live, to die.

I cannot submit to an eternity of slavery.

Fury engulfs him and with one swift move his body pins mine,

Neck twisted abruptly; I wince.

His head draws back revealing the full extent of his fangs,

A gasp escapes my lips as he plunges them into me.

Ecstatic agony.

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