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To The Country I Reside In

by vaishnavidarmwal

Dear India, Why did you reach this juncture? A juncture where you have this patriarchal social structure.

Families prefer sons to carry their generation forward, About raising a girl child like me, nobody says a word.

I am considered a burden or a liability, But I am equally important in maintaining your stability.

Who will explain my importance in those conservative families? Who will eradicate from them their orthodox beliefs?

How will I give birth to a male child if they abort me only? No one will bless them when they kill innocents like me, their tasks unholy.

Even before my birth, it is my dowry they are worried about, 'Atleast give me a chance', from my mothers womb I shout.

A misuse of pre-natal technology is what they do, And parents have no qualm in aborting me too.

They debar my birthright by performing female foeticide, No one acknowledges the pain I go through in that womb to which I am tied.

An illegal practice or a crime is what they perform, And there lay my rights before me torn. It is this inhumane crime that I want to curb, But my pleas, my cries, my wails , all go unheard.

My dear India, your people are turning you into a 'land of filth'. It is becuse of the social evils that they spilth.

Girls should be empowered in every sense so that Indian families practice 'no discrimination' with regards to the gender of the child. Raise your voice against the social evils.

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