The Face Behind The Mask
The Face Behind The Mask stories

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The Face Behind The Mask

by vaishnavidarmwal

She shines like the sun in the firmament of heaven, She is bright as though the moon of the fourteenth night.

She sparkles as the ocean flower, She is a blend of the sun, moon and the star.

Her aura shines so bright, We are compelled to shut our eyes tight.

With every step she proceeds, She leaves behind imprints which we blindly follow as she leads.

Positivity is what radiates from her, But suddenly all this seems nothing but a blur.

Behind that winsome face is hidden a gloomy one, That smile so perfectly hides the agony of her lost mum.

At one point, she had given up on life, And had thought of cutting her wrist with a knife.

But on second thought she had uttered 'No, I will surivive.' 'To accomplish my goal, I'll still strive.'

The memories of her mother filled her ever gleamy eyes, At times it would be reliefs, at times regretful sighs.

Nobody knows the aches she had gone through, To the world she appeared as fresh as the morning dew.

Now she is an entrepreneur who stands tall, And her mother smiles from above to see a succesful grown up in place of her little doll.

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