Just some random poetry :)
Just some random poetry :) poetry stories

vainvigilante Community member
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Just a bunch of random poetry that I wrote.

Just some random poetry :)

Rat trap, caught in the rat trap of anxiety. I was torn from my safe reality by vicious thoughts, meanwhile my sense of time has stopped; seconds pass as years and the days drag on, but no matter how hard I try I can not escape this rat trap of a life.

The staples holding me down cave in on themselves. The restraints are gone, I am free my parts scatter and are swept away by the wind. I no longer have to listen to your pointless banter, I no further have to watch your unnatural habits. I am liberated free to return to my birthplace,

but no, Immediately I am snagged by pudgy digits and shredded to bits.

Skeleton in the closet, what a frightful sight. Open up but beware of the bite for if he sinks his teeth in you, you are within his grasp. Now he is your burden who lives in the past.

Cat eye slits from one image to another the eyes hold all the wonder. Ablaze in hues of gold, or grays so cold, alike they sit like cavernous pools waiting for the feasting eyes, those fools, whom stare deep into their pits for so long it seems as if they have lost their wits.

One can not tell the wisdom those eyes contain, but they must refrain- from glancing into those cat eye slits.

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