Ashes of Contrition

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(Warning: Topic deals with depression and suicidal thoughts)
This was written when I was younger and in a very dark place. During a time when my mental health had eroded immensely. These days I'm in a much better place and sharing to show things can and will get better. During these dark times things may feel impossible, but never give up and never be afraid to reach out. Always hold on to hope and always know you're never alone!

Ashes of Contrition

Lost within the depths of my mind What I am searching for I cannot find

Confused and tangled within life's bind This freedom I seek is one of a kind

Graced by serenity in the sickest of ways Paid for in blood so this reality sways

Looking for an escape from the livings gaze Will knots, bullets or blades... Mark my ending days?

The ashes of contrition shroud me in it's misery Only through this blindness I thought I could see

A better tomorrow cleansed by the fire and shame Leaving rot behind and hoping to never be the same

But redemption is but a false hope to ease this pain So I give up my light and gladly succumb to the rain

My flame now snuffed, no hope to ever be reborn I made one last plea to reclaim a life so forlorn

But It was not meant to be This truth I finally see

So may this farewell stand true This is all I ask of you

To be forgotten is my only request For I know, for you, it is truly what's best

If you must remember, please my memory detest Hate me with all you are so you can finally rest

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