A Stranger in the Night

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A story about sleep paralysis

A Stranger in the Night

She visits me often in the late hours of the night An unwelcomed presence, but no longer do I put up a fight

Once again I allow myself to be put under her spell My body now frozen and a voice that can't yell

With her eyes as black as the night from which she was born She smiles at me softly which leaves my certainty torn

This entity i once believed to be some fiend from hell Seems, now, like nothing more than a wounded angel

Her hands tremble in mine as if we share the same fears While dark tangled hair mask a face of scar and tears

She whispers to me in a voice so broken and haggard Not words, but echoes, of tortured cries that leave me staggered

It feels as though eternities pass as i listen to her mourn An empty life that yearns for a life she had already forsworn

She was born only to suffer, and for that, I am to blame I created her to bear the burden of all my sadness and shame

She is merely a reflection of all the regrets locked up within me An embodiment of dead hopes and dreams that never came to be

It's clear to me that escaping reality is not as easy as it seems Because even in my deepest sleep, she'll haunt me with her screams

But just like that, in the blink of an eye, she vanishes once more I have no doubt we'll meet again, for that is what she swore

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