the girl i once loved
the girl i once loved trans stories

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in which i have een gone for four months and fell in love with someone that no one will let me have

the girl i once loved

i loved a girl once

she was my all and i was hers

we had this connection like no other

and i had never felt that way toward another human being

and for a long time i thought that we were meant to be

i figured that even though we were both the same sex it wouldnt matter

it shouldnt matter

it doesnt matter

and i thought that even though my family wasnt huge on things like this, they would get over it

but then i realized that my family hated it more than anything that i had fallen in love with a girl

but its ok i guess

my family tells me everyday that if i were to be lesbian or bisexual that they would hate me and kill me

but one day, some day, ill be happy

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