A night to remember
A night to remember 

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usehername still working it out
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A small fantasy novella.
Anastasia catches the eye of a dark mysterious stranger at a club, can he resist her or will he give in to temptation and take a bite.

Please let this disappear among the rest of the stories of not note this is my first so it’s very rough but I enjoyed it. Feed back more then welcomed. A 5min read at lest. Thank you x

A night to remember

Anastasia stumbles out the clubs back door into a damp and cold ally way with thoughts of escaping the dark and mysterious eyes that have been making contact with her from the v.i.p table all night.

Before she could find her composure she feels this force come over her pinning her against the brick wall behind her. “Iv been watching you all night” he says Anastasia completely caught of guard and unable to make a move stares blankly at blackness that makes up the floor plotting her next move.

“Why you, why can’t I resist you” he’s says almost like his words could set her skin on fire. “Look at me” he says venomously. He grabs her jaw firmly with eyes dark and full of hunger. He positions Anastasia to look him in the eyes.

““where did you come from, what do you want from me” she says almost mad those where the only words she could spit out. “Don’t play scared, I can see In your eyes how much your enjoying every second of this” He doesn’t dare brake eye contact as he speaks, “As for what I want? A taste!” He demands.

Before Anastasia can figure out what’s going on she feels something on her neck like almost like a sharp scratch. His face buried deep into her neck warming her skin, just as she starts to adjust to him.

He pulls away blood dripping down his masculine jaw, fangs still exposed. His eyes glowing dark red, he looks Anastasia in the eyes not blinking for a second. “You are going to go back inside. tell your friends you are tired and will get a cab home” he looks her up and down almost as if he’s savouring the moment for later.

“Forget you ever saw me, forget I followed you out here”. Anastasia remains completely stiff as if to wait for further instructions “May we meet again my beauty” he says disappearing into the night. Anastasia follows the instructions she was given. she gets a cab, goes home, takes of her shoes and climbs into bed that’s never felt more softer.

He didn’t count on her being different. That she would remember every second of the night and every inch of his face. She just lay there holding onto the lingering smell that is scent, falling asleep to flash backs of what she can only hope was all a dream.

The end? Will there be a part two.. maybe.

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