A Journey Through Friendship
A Journey Through Friendship poetry stories

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Taking a moment to reflect on the past

A Journey Through Friendship

We didn't begin as friends

An unfamiliar face in the hallway speaking to mutual friends

Your presence intrigued me but did not change me

A new face that I molded idealized for myself

A personality I didn't know, that was wary with me

We began as strangers

Funny how time changes things

As words are exchanged between strangers

Unknowingly you are no longer strangers

Suddenly you become an acquaintance

"Hello, my name is- "

What a nice voice

If you follow the pattern of relationships

The steps make quite a path

The more you speak to an acquaintance

The closer you become to friends

And what friends we became

I wouldn't trade anything for those days

Mutual friends slipped away

We became more than inseparable

More than just friends, we were family

No one knew as much about me

No one cared so much about me

Only God knows how much I cared for you

Days to weeks

Weeks to months

Months to seasons

Seasons pulled by slowly

And the final year of our lives stood hauntingly at the door

I wish I had spent more of it with you

As life seems to do, we pulled apart

Two hours apart, to be precise

Although distance didn't seem to matter

Our friendship was closer than a few hundred miles

I meant more to you than that

You meant more to me than you know

When we met again

Finally, after so long

How much joy did I feel when you held me close

And how much joy did we feel when we slept

Close together, huddled on the floor

The warmth reminded me of before we were apart

We left each other satisfied and happy

After all it would be just days until we met again

I was looking forward to being with you again

As were you looking forward to being with me

Of course we missed each other

We were closer than family

Those moments when we were together

Lips pressed close

Unexpected, not appreciated

A drastic shift happened

One I never predicted to be reality

Yet the prospect of being with you was thrilling

Seconds to minutes

Minutes to hours

Hours to days

I waited for you to speak

I waited for you to talk to me

Why was I met with silence

"I'm confused

I'm sorry I don't know what to do

I care about you so much

I don't want this

I don't want you"


I remember so many tears

I remember asking myself a million questions

I always wondered why

I still wonder why

I don't know why

What was the use

We tried so hard to fix it

We were too close to let this end us

Closer than family, we were more than best friends

But how am I supposed to speak to you

After everything that you did

Every word is filled with pain

After so long, we met once

With some mutual friends, we spoke

We exchanged jokes and stories

We laughed lightly and nodded along

Do you remember those old feelings too

No one else knows what we know

It's been so long since we last spoke

I couldn't say the last time I heard from you

How did we come to this

It's been a year since it happened

All I can do is think about it

How much I miss you

We didn't start as friends

I was closed off from the world

Frightened from my past failures

I was not ready to start anew

But after some rest and deep breaths

I finally spoke to them

Awkward chuckles turn to uncontrollable laughter

Occasional conversations turn into constant chatter

Silent dinners turn into a meal with others

Happiness is no longer just a fantasy to me

Friendship is no longer a half-forgotten dream

How beautiful it is to have a friend

Occasionally I'll think back to when we started

Reminiscing is not such a bad thing

I remember our laughter

Each day was full of love and light

Nothing was boring before

I guess everything does change

Do I miss those times

To be honest I don't think about it much

Last year is just a memory now

I haven't tried to forget

We simply moved on

As everyone tends to do

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