Down, Down, Spiraling Down by Unwritten Winter
Down, Down, Spiraling Down

by Unwritten Winter dark stories

unwrittenwinter Noob poetry writer xD
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A poem about the darkness.

Down, Down, Spiraling Down by Unwritten Winter

Down, Down, Down we go

Spiraling into the deep, dark hole.

It's filled with lies and truths alike

And it fills up this cold, very cold night.

Like a lioness it prowls and hunts,

Preying on the weakened thoughts.

And as she devours my empty life

I wallow and toil in this self-made strife.

Pity & Agony & Selfish Hate

Tear down my world and hide the gate

That could take me right away from it all.

All because I started to fall.

Falling, Falling Down we go

Into the night where hatred flows.

There's no way out at the bottom of the well.

We're descending down. Straight to Hell.

It's like nothing that you've ever seen

And nothing like where you have been.

Been here, you say? Hurrah! Hooray!

I've been down here maybe for days.

Into the deep, dark squalor I sink

And past the Gates, how take a drink.

When all the light and time is gone

You'll look back and wonder just what when wrong.

The way out, you say? Oh my, how bizarre!

What a funny little thing that you are.

Yes, I know the way, but a cost may be.

Prepared are you to pay the fee?

Rise, Rise, Rise we go

Past the Gates to the world unknown.

The shining sun blinds your eyes

As you take back the thoughts of your own demise.

Run, Run, Run with me.

We must go far. We must get free.

Create new life for the world to see

Great things await if you just believe.

The price, you say? What was it, oh?

Haven't you a clue? You know.

That deep hollow you feel in your chest.

You know what that is? You do, oh yes.

It's the place where you came from. The Darkness below.

If you think you escaped, I think that you know.

You can never leave, not really, my boy.

All that running you did, did it bring you much joy?

Fight, Fight, Fight, my dear.

Live your life how you want, but notice the fear?

Look over your shoulder. It's there, but it's not.

The Darkness, it follows. It's all that you got.

Laugh in the light. Dream in the sun.

Whatever is done, shall be forever undone.

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