The young lovers

The young lovers poem stories

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Inspired by Romeo and Juliet. A flow of words about the notions and feelings surrounding young love.

The young lovers

For all people thought it was a fool's love An infatuation of the young mind It was not for them

For there was lust, yes. But also the growing feeling of wanting To know To protect To have but not to own As a bird free to go but choosing to stay

For young love rises quick With no thought but the other With an outcome not known Not even by the young lovers themselves

For she did not want to know of the worst And he did not want to waste a breath on the unsure

While for some love is only a fleeting motion of little importance The memory will always remain in the hearts and souls of the carriers long after breaths have been taken

For emotion is strong and memories are forever Even if the care and the longing is no longer present

And while these young lovers may seem fleeting in the eyes of the oblivious They know that even when they'll take their last breaths they will be with each other

Whether together or not their souls were intertwined from the moment their eyes met And with this comforting notion, the young lovers are not scared of what is to come as they have knowledge others don't posses

While feelings are ever-changing and nothing is sure in life Love is never lost to those who have truly had it.

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