The Assassin and the Thief (Prologue)
The Assassin and the Thief (Prologue) fiction stories

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This is a story I've been working on for a while, so far there are 2 chapters (will be posted later on). The story is about an Assassin and a Thief (hence the title). Royal Assassin, Asrani, (age 17) is faced with killing a thief. He's killed many before, but it's seriously getting to him. Even worse, he falls in love with her once they meet, and he's forced to make a quick decision in the heat of the moment.

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The Assassin and the Thief (Prologue)


Asrani now faced the most difficult decision in his life. Kill one of the only people he'd ever care for, or disobey the king. He looked down at the blade in his hands.

He glanced over at the sleeping form of a girl, her frame lying on the hard ground. Only yesterday had he cradled her in his arms. Even if he would not admit it to himself, he loved her.

But he could not disobey his majesty. Could he? Throw away everything he'd ever worked for...

for some common thief? He considered his options in his mind, replaying the possible scenarios in his head over and over. The lethal dagger felt cold and heavy in his hands.

The dagger had always felt plain and warm, but now, it felt odd and dangerous. He felt even worse. His eyes clouded with tears at the sudden guilt.

The blade he held in his hands had killed so many people. He had killed so many people. He could simply bring her to the King unharmed, but who knows what would happen to her then.

And he would have walked away knowing that he'd betrayed her. You see, he'd always thought that ending someone's life was easier than ruining it. He wiped the tears away.

The deadline was just a few hours away. He had to make a decision. He had to make it immediately. As quick as possible.

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