Heartbroken #1
Heartbroken #1  heartbroken stories

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You, who was supposed to help To be there and to support

Heartbroken #1

You, who was supposed to help

To be there and to support

With fancy words and actions,

Left your princess alone.

But is that how Kings should do?

You were crying when You saw the princess for the first time

And promised to be there, by her side

“Daddy loves you, I will always be here”

How long is Your always?

Eighteen years? Or maybe never?

And where are You?

Somewhere in the dark, waiting for Your death, maybe

Or maybe living Your life like a peasant.

The King broke princesses heart…

After buying her whatever she never wanted

Rooms of toys, but never attention

Rooms of toys, but never played with her

You, after leaving, were calling

Saying fancy words,

But never showed Your love.

You said “Baby, daddy will never let You down”,

The men who was supposed to treat,

To care, to love endless

Broke her, Your princesses heart.

And You were the first man

Who said “I love you”

And sadly the first one who broke her.

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