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Cool Unknown Creators: @fallen_stardust

A Young And Aspiring Digital Artist And Poet, Who loves To Meet New People And Make Friends!

How long have you been on Commaful?

Hmm, Around 7 Months! It's Been A While!

Why did you start writing?

I Originally Started Writing Stories Because I Used To Read A Lot Of Books, Until I Was Inspired By Fellow Commafullians So I Started With Poems!

What's the most annoying thing about being a writer?

Getting Ideas In The Middle Of The Night And Waking Up To Get A Totally Different One Which Is Bland And Not Commaful-Worth.

What do you like about writing?

The Way I Can Use Simplistic Words To Convey My Feelings, Emotions And Thoughts.

What is one aspect of writing you would like to improve on?

I Would Like To Improve My Usage Of Vocabulary In Poetry As Sometimes I Can Write Really, Non-Interesting Words.

What does this Spotlight mean to you?

This Spotlight Means A Lot, As It Shows That My Poetry Is Being Read And Actually...Enjoyed! I'm Really Grateful For This Opportunity!

Something you would like to say to your followers:

I'm Grateful To All Those Who Give Me Feedback! Thank You All For Your Continuous Support, Thus Enabling Me To Spill Better Poetry From My Pen!

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