His magic.
His magic. magic stories

unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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HE was magic.

His magic.

His eyes were magic,

His smile was magic.

Everything about him was magic.

From how he talked,

To how he walked.

Everyone wanted his magic,

It was so beautiful,

It seemed to last forever,

And dazzled everyone.

He left so many smiles on peoples faces,

And so much love behind.

Everyone loved him, Everyone wanted him, Everyone wanted his beautiful magic.

So he smiled brightly, Like the person he is, Opened his arms wide, And let magic fly.

Everyone danced, Cheered, laughed, And he had a sad smile. "For my last trick," He started.

Everyone looked at him, expectingly, waiting. "For my last trick, I'll make myself disappear" The audience gasped. They thought he would come back.

I knew better.

And just like that, a snap of fingers,

He disappeared.

And everyone applauded. Not me.

I knew this would happen. After sometime, They searched for him.

They came by the next day, Said he was nowhere to be found.

I looked away, They'd know what he has done now.

They left, Still searching, But deep in everyone's heart, We found out the truth. He had been hurting.

Too late now. He's done his final trick.

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