Late Night Thinking.
Late Night Thinking. next top writer 2017 stories

unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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I was up thinking 'bout you again..... Thinking 'bout every little thing....

Late Night Thinking.

I was sleeping last night,

When suddenly I thought about you,

The pain you brought me,

Made me break from my perfectly perfect life.

Even in my dream,

You left me crying.

I shot awake,

Tears running down my face,

From that little mistake.

My body shook,

My fingers knotted in my hair,

I was once again,

Thinking of you.

I shook my head no,

And wiped my tears,

And thought about everything we shared.

Until you left me, Again.

The flash backs came,

And my brain started turning,

As I thought of things you could've said,

So I wouldn't be hurting.

You could have lied, You could have stayed, You could have said you loved me, You could've done anything, So I wouldn't burn.

I sighed as the memories of us growing up replayed,

And each one more painful,

As I remembered.

You could have said those 2 little words. Or you could have said three, Hell, you could've said, "I'm sorry"

I started thinking again,

What are you doing right now?

If you saw me now, What would you think?

In a way, I'm glad you're gone. You held me back, From everyone. Now I have more people who care, People who, unlike you, will stay there.

My eyes opened and I realized, You left me with new feelings,

Love, I never experienced it before you,

Hate, Never thought I could, Until you said, "I'm gonna leave you."

I felt pain. The only you could cause.

And I would know, Cause you've done it twice.

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