Come And Fly Away With Me.
Come And Fly Away With Me. fly stories

unfinishedlyric I'm just so freaking sad.
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Come And Fly Away With Me.

Come and fly away with me, It's not that hard, just follow the beat. Put your arms around me and we'll be set free, It's not hard, just trust me.

We'll take flight, better than birds. Put them to shame, not even with a word. Laugh along as the sun goes down, We'll all feel happy, no one will frown.

We'll get used to the winds, feel the cool breeze, It's quite easy, just follow with ease. And when we're all done, everyone will laugh, But at least we know our hearts aren't in half.

We'll keep our heads up high, We'll take flight, We'll be free, So come and fly away with me. If you're not there, it won't be as fun, So come along, let's feel the sun!

We can rest on a beach, Maybe a little island, No one has to know, No one has to see. We can be happy, All we need is you and me.

If you want all our friends can join, We can have a little party there! Everyone who's hating can stare, Cause at the time, we'll have so much fun, we just won't care!

So come and fly away with me, it's easy just follow the beat. And when we're done, you will see. Our happy ever after is here, And we are now free.

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