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14 days, #14.

14)Those I love the most, I hurt the worst.

My friends tried to help,

And I pushed them away,

Trying to save them,

From my pain.

I told them don't cry,

When I leave,

Can't they see,

How much they mean to me?

They're making it hard to say goodbye,

But this is the best way,

To save them from my neverending pain.

If they aren't in my life,

They can't get as hurt,

That's why I push them away,

So they can stay whole.

I lie and say I don't need them,

When in truth I just want them to stay,

I want them to hug me,

And tell me it's okay.

I want them to see when I lie,

When I tell them I'm fine,

I want them to notice,

And tell me to stop crying.

I want them to tell me I'll get better,

Even if they're lying to me,

I just need,

Someone to hold me.

They supposedly need me,

And I'm trying so hard,

To make them realize,

They will be fine,

Without me......

Even if it means,

Hurting them along the way,

I'm sorry in advance,

For everything.

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