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Consequence of saying "I'll always be here for you"



There is no happily ever after

Not once you hear the words,

"I'm always here for you"

Who knows how long 'always' meant?

So when she said those exact same words to him

He was assured the same would happen

After learning from his past

But something in him told him to trust her

Let him do it again

Without thought of the future

He gave it a chance

As the scales tipped

He didn't realise the consequences of the good

Because not everything is free in life

She helped him

Though, he didn't know her story

"It was a mistake" He repeated

But nothing could change the fact

Her soul was meant to fly away

A feeling of desperation struck him

He knew he loved her

And perhaps she loved him

There was nothing to stop them

Yet their story remains unsolved

Because that's when he knew

There were no happily ever afters

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This was a deep retrospective on those hollow words so often uttered or muttered within an adolescent relationship. I think your analysis was well thought through and well described. Great post!!!