Something to sleep to
Something to sleep to
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Pass me the bottle, whatever you pick I'll guzzle it down, take every last drip

Something to sleep to

Pass me the bottle, whatever you pick I'll guzzle it down, take every last drip I'll drink you away, like you were never here No toast to remember, no clink, hip, or cheers

But your words dug deeper than just anyones How to move on properly? It's never been done I'll try to forget you, but it will be a hard task The bottle is now empty, hand me the flask

I think some Jack's now, he's never led me astray Maybe just a hurt head and sunglasses for the day Unlike you, the pain wasn't a twenty four hour recovery It was heartbreak, lonely nights, and uninvited self discovery

Pass me the wine bottle, that was left on the table Of a beautiful wedding like you hear of in fables You won't be around to see any of the sort Your timing was terrible, our time was too short

Now vodka my friend, thanks for all that you've brought A ruckus, a riot, a party, but never caught You moved things along with your liquid confidence And yet its too gentle for this final consequence

Now the bottles are empty, hand me a beer And tell me how in the fuck we ended up here This was supposed to be easy, but you've put up a fight You're the weeds in my mind that get too much light

I'll drown you out someday, memories as brief as dawn The pit in my stomach, rip in my heart, will finally gone The final shot of the bottle, tequila please put me to bed Booze will be the reason I too wind up dead

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