Longing spooky stories
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undertaker here to write somewhat disturbing things
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I always went through them not looking at them too closely just taking them from this cruel world. But the one I chose to look at was a mistake, she was beautiful and pure.

She didn't fight or scream while I strapped her down she just watched as he explained and told her what was going to happen. A stray tear slid down her face, I couldn't help but wipe it away.

I was hesitant maybe she should stay to help better this cruel world. No she can't she's too pure for this world she has to be sent away, where she can be safe.

A sound never escaped her lips as he got to work, at the end she looked at him. There was no hatred in her eyes only love, she smiled as they took her away.

It's wrong but I can't help but say that I miss her more than the others.

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