Hopeful happiness
Hopeful happiness advice stories

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Hopeful happiness

I wish I have someone to stay

Someone who will share all the warmth their heart radiates

Someone who keeps the faith

I wish someone would accept me no matter what state

And will love me unconditionally and never hate

Can somebody hear me out there?

Everybody left and I am all alone

No one rings my phone and nobody visits home

I always wonder what is wrong?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do heavens seems so silent?

Sometimes loneliness is infinite

like mirrors facing mirrors, facing mirrors

I was there for them but nobody's there for me

I guess I am my friend

and soon happiness will shine out of me

bursting in different colors

soon I, too will walk on the clouds

and will never feel hurt again

I wanted to die now

but I stay for hopeful happiness

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