Galaxies above and below
Galaxies above and below  hug stories

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Galaxies above and below

The feelings are overflowing in, like a galaxy pouring out

flowing and seeping through my veins shouting to infinity

how I wanted to touch every inch of your skin

just like raindrops and random people on the train

no science could ever predict

the chemicals of this kind of thing

even the greatest scientists cannot even explain,

how the mind works exactly,

My theory is that, it is an extension

the extension of the vast galaxy the earth is floating in

we are all part of something big

and that something big out there is a part of us

my love goes and goes and overflows

and it is no science can ever explain

but tonight

you are in my mind,

I am yours, always yours

to the ends of this great great connections of galaxy

and goodness gracious how I wanted to just fill in

and sink into your embrace and warmth

Oh, how I wish.

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