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A story about a girl and the lavender nights spent with the boy she loves.

Lavender Nights

It was dark and thundering the night we met; Quite like your eyes, darling.

I told you I was scared,

You told me you revelled in what I feared. And though I was afraid of darkness,

Looking into your irises full of it,

Made me feel like anything was possible.

That maybe; the dark wasn't so bad.

After all, it did lead me to you.

It was dark out the second time we met too.

When I asked you why

We met at a diner at 10, you simply told me

It was because you liked me,

Late nights, coffee dates, and especially,

A combination of the three.

And I simply smiled because I liked you too.

We talked, we drank,

We laughed, we smiled.

And all I wanted was to do was stay there.

All I wanted was you.

Midsummer midnights, the full moon.

We took the long way home,

Sitting together in an almost empty bus,

You played me a few of your songs; darling

I think I love them almost as much as

I love the feel of your hands in mine.

Crimson crept up my pale cheeks,

My heart beating faster every time you say

Things like, "I love how bright you are."

Making me light up even more.

But nights passed and you never called.

What was the best date of my life, was

Evidently, the most forgettable of yours.

That is, until you called me at 1AM

Telling me to come outside and meet you.

I looked out of my window,

And there you were, confidently

Leaning against your old Mustang

With your favorite leather jacket on.

Standing there, under the moonlight

You promised an adventure,

And I couldn't resist.

The beach was so different at night.

Cold, quiet, and unpredictable; like you.

Waves crashing against our bare feet,

I asked why you brought me there,

You smiled and said it was because you

Couldn't stop thinking of me.

Soft sand, starry skies, honest conversations

Drunk off on nothing but each other

   Till the sunrise, that was when you

Kissed me for the first time;

With your whiskey laced red lips,

You stole the breath away from mine

And darling, I could have sworn

 I never wanted to kiss another set of lips

Ever again if I had yours.

We loved that night so much darling,

To the point where I still have

Sand in my sweaters from nights

We don't remember.

You told me I made you smile,

And laugh again, and I would lay in your

Arms with my head against your chest, Falling in love to the sound of your heart.

Never feeling so safe,

I would breathe you in; always smelling

Of musk with wisps of lavender.

It made me feel like home.

King and Queen, we were a perfect pair.

Oh darling even though I was losing sleep,

I loved every minute of all

The lavender nights spent with you.

But as much as I love these lavender nights,

They're far too dark darling,

Only seeing you in this half light,

I realized that you had things to hide.

But I didn't want to push too far,

So I kept the unwritten texts,

The unanswered questions all to myself

In fear that I would lose you.

But oh darling, I couldn't lose you,

For how could you lose what was

Never yours in the first place?

I always wondered how you looked like

In daylight. That bright Sunday afternoon ,

I had to wonder no longer.

You stood there in the crowded market,

Sunglasses on, probably to hide your

Bloodshot and sleepless eyes,

I smiled darling, for you looked like

A fish out of water.

I walked up, about to surprise you.

Yes, I've always wondered how

A man like you could smell of lavender.



The scent of home was suddenly a lot Stronger; a little too strong when suddenly,

I watched as you held the blonde's

Hand the same way you'd hold mine.

Her flawless hair blew in the air, and

So did her lavender perfume.

I backed away, but I didn't look away.

Tell me darling, why was the first thing I

Felt, envy? Had loving a monster

Like you turned me into one too?

But the thought that she was the one

You spent you spent your days with, that

She didn't have to lose sleep to be with you.

It shattered me that neither I nor our Lavender nights was good enough for you.

I thought we were the perfect pair

The way you held me,

At the small of my back

Your lips on my forehead

As if I was so delicate

I could break right there in your arms,

Told me that you cared about me darling,

Just not as much as you care about her.

After all, she's not the one you

Have to hide in the dark.

And that my darling, is why these silent

Tears are rolling down my cheek.

But I'm thankful, as unlike when I leave,

You don't even notice for on this last

Lavender night it's far too dark

For you to even see.

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