The Mysterious Robber 2 © By CoolStries/UltraPro1012
      The Mysterious Robber 2


© By CoolStries/UltraPro1012

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The Mysterious Robber 2...

When the crime boss finds out that one of the cops accidentally put their keycard in the TRASH CAN, he breaks out and this time he gets out of control with ROCKET LAUNCHERS!!!!

The Mysterious Robber 2 © By CoolStries/UltraPro1012

One rainy day, the best criminal decides that he can't stop doing crimes. So, he officially decides he needs to break out and start doing crimes again. But, he didn't know what to do until he thought of getting out of control with rocket launchers... Well, it did make sense to him but not the other prisoners. So, he thought to make this work, I have to escape when he saw a keycard not expired in the trash can!

He immediately took it and escaped without paying attention. He ran as fast as he could but not noticing the cops hiding. So, they followed him.

He ran to his secret house he bought before. Luckily for him, it wasn't full of cops now. For his plan, he took his rocket launcher and without a stop, he launched it only to hear military sirens. "Uh-Oh" he thought. "Freeze" said the military. "Oh fine, I surrender" said the crime boss. When he was in prison, the cops that watched him came and said "pay more attention." He immediately knew what that meant, the cops watched him escape..

This time, he concludes that he will always pay attention. The End Part 3 releasing soon. Hint - It's related to mining and minerals...

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