Be Good for a Change
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ultra_violet22 Bookworm-Poet-Violet lover
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We are all stars.
Be good for a change.

Be Good for a Change

Deep in the fluid dark space, a misty swirl of milky light floated in the dark. Resides here is a spherical blue haze, speckles of life liken to stars afar brightly spark.

We are these stars, with different shapes and sizes, living in this orb with victories and scars, various living forms it appeases.

Innumerable are we to the naked eye, yet we are in this great divide. Many have resolved to cry, as all lived not side-by-side.

Curses and fists are exchanged. Misbehavior over demeanor. Seemingly like animals deranged, draining life off of its color.

But interconnected are we all, woven to intricate constellations. When one’s shine stall, all falls to unfortunate conclusions.

Let us now stop saving face, releasing ourselves from this cage. To solve the problems of our race, let us be good for a change.

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