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Thanks for being with me

My Friend

I sat down nervous, anxious. I didn't know anyone one by one they sat down "k you sit there".

I turned to see someone sitting next to me its a blur I don't remember what she said but she talked to me?

Oh its no big deal another year will go by before this happens again just keep to yourself.

I have been talking to her much more lately shes very inviting but I mean seems like everyone kinda knows her but she is still fun to talk to. Well still we are only in one class.

Y-yeah I guess we have the same class as well as that one thats pretty cool. (What are you doing act normal but shes laughing).

Hey nice to see you want to walk together. I feel comfortable next to you. How can I help? I finally got a want my number. Wow I finally got a friend that cares.

Hey! Hello! I made you brownies! You can do it! Can I help oh okay well let me know. Its almost the end of the year these classes are a bit harder but ill do it maybe I can help.

Oh maybe I should wave back we are friends I can trust her.

Do you want to hang out? Maybe we can oh okay no problemo. Happy birthday I went and got you this I know you like hanging out with people. I wish it was easier to hang out.

Welp its the end of the year let see what happens next year.

Am I good friend? Oh im glad! What am I doing I like this music I like video games hmm never heard of it I can explain!! Wow this is actually amazing no one else it to much?

New year ehh lets see what classes I have hmm I wonder..oh such luck none with her oh well maybe I can still help.

Hows school? Sucks we don't talk as much anymore but thats okay! We can still see each other sometimes right? Yeah.

I love you. But its better to be friends so ill continue to be your friend. Happy birthday have a good day. Good luck I have to go to class.

I am sad really sad thanks for being there...oh I should stop I am sorry I can change but its hard your my only friend but I will smile for you.

Hey whatcha doing oh okay good night. Be happy be happy I can't. Ill try harder please okay ill see you soon...hello? sorry....please...

My music keeps me company I will continue. Oh hey. Keep walking I hope one day we will talk again. Its fine though I mean its your fault you annoyed her never did just complain and did nothing.

I wonder who that is? Oh her boyfriend but I thoug- no matter its good for

these classes I shouldn't have taken I almost failed atleast I can still manage I just have to finish this..o-oh hey yeahh I kinda go stuck well h-have a good day.

I have to move on focus on me this book is great this is me! I can do this, I can be myself. everytime I see her I hurt a little but don't show it.

Almost done the year went by quick a bit lonely but still not bad huh she came to this class on the last day? Thats fine time to leave "nice shoes" w-what she talked to me?

Yeah shoes are stupid expensive.

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