Blissful lunatic
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Blissful lunatic

Every day

We see him skip down the street

Scruffy hair

Scuffing feet

The most sincere grin you'll ever see

Missing every note

Of 'Let it Be'.

Through the snickers

The joy rips

Don't even notice their spirits lift

As the madman passes by

Waving to all

Your child and I.

And they don't realize

How much they wish

To be torn from the thread of time

Like the blissful lunatic -

Free of life's weighing binds.

For a brief moment

The magic fades

But he's quickly out the gate

Back on the street with his pay

His tongue back at play.

He prances home

Burning hearts line the road

Behind the snickers

Tears of joy or woe

Or perhaps of sorrow

But not the lunatic nor I know.

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