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Oh! What a year!!! Goodbye 2019


The year 2019 has been a great year accompanied by a lot of great event.

This year started rather slow with a lot of disappointment. At first, This year gat me wondering what kind of life I was leading- coupled with a lot of disappointment from people.

Met a lot of new people with a different mindset- peeps who are only after the pussy they smashed.... Counting the amount of girls they slept with was like their greatest achievement. People who bow to other gods in name of making this money.... Oh 2019! What a year.

The year didn't start to be a favorable one- cause it started with a red account. 2019 made me a grinder, I kept grinding with the zeal of getting a positive result soon.

The cliché kept ringing "Never stop till you get there" The second part was awesome.... Left my new life and went back to the old one. The way it was five years ago- embracing the talent I ones abandon all in the name of hustling. To my surprise, I had left those talent behind but they weren't ready to leave me. It resurrected drastically like a mummy and I found nice use of it.

Got back to my track and a lot of new business followed...if you know you know!

2019 hasn't been all that great but it as been a step up. The one I needed for years now- the one I look up to for that great deed. Now its over.... With the year packing its load.... Months passed- Weeks passed- Days passed- Hours went on- Minutes leaped past- Seconds raced away....

Thank you to everyone that have been with me since day one.... Everyone who contributed- little or much...

A special thank you to you all!

It been all God.... From the first....... To the last day...... All God!

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