The Part II (Lose You)
The Part II (Lose You) depression stories

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that feelings gone...

The Part II (Lose You)

I have a better feeling,

When you pushed her aside for me.

I'm beginning to feel worth,

And I think thats something she sees.

Your birthday's coming up soon,

And I don't know what to get you,

She'll be there, so I better step up.

I See you at youth group every tuesday.

And she's always there.

I came in late,

And she seemed to glare.

And if you know me, Of course I cared.

If your going let me down slowly,

But your changing and like NF said,

Even Satan used to be an Angel.

But this goes for her, not you of course,

I've known you longer than her.

But your closing my Doors.

We used to be lovers

One of A kind

But she's outcasting me

What the F---k is her problem?

Why I wonder the same.

I miss you,

I hope you miss me too,

If you want to be with her,

Say so

just up and go

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