Joseph Damon - Chapter 1
Joseph Damon - Chapter 1 love stories

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A story that tells us how a powerful man thought and the life of the people around him. He can be very different around different people and situation.

Source: T.Y. Neill

Joseph Damon - Chapter 1

by T.Y. Neill

Jerry is my brother. We had never agreed on anything ever. Before my mother's death, she use to say that one day we will grow up to understand each other better. We did.

That day i remember answering the phone and my whole world changed. It was a call from the hospital. Jerry got into a fight and he's in critical condition now.

I couldn't understand why he had to do this again. Getting into trouble over and over again.

I almost swore to god that i will sever ties with his stupid ass but at the same time i was worried for him.

I made my way down to the hospital and see his pathetic little ass on the hospital bed. I became soft, I asked the doctor what happened and then it struck me. Jerry is now dying because of me.

As a big brother I was practically not there for him. He got into fight because he wants to be as strong as me. I stood beside his bed and told him: "Get up, little man.

You got to recover to learn how to fight like a big man." I smiled because I can not believe i called him little man, its been more than 10 years since i use that name on him.

Tears gathered in my eyes as I walked out his ward. I don't even know if he heard what i said. I walked out of the hospital and started crying. I am 28 years old but in that moment I became 8.

I am afraid of losing my brother. He is the only kin I have in this world. So I sent a message:

My office now.

sent 3.16pm

In my office I sat there for a long time. Staring into the walls. I wondered why is the wall so empty. I called out to Stacey, my secretary, told her to get me a few photo frames from the store.

She looked puzzled but do as she were told. Being a man of few words I had quite the power with what I achieved today. The only thing that was on my mind was my brother.

I couldnt stop thinking of him. Few moments later Dom entered my room: "Yes boss?" I stood up and sat on the sofa. I gestured him to follow and sit.

I turn my head slightly and asked: "You know Jer?" Dom replied:"you mean your brother sir?" I nodded, and passed him a note. Walked back to my desk.

3 men, hospital for Jer

Find out who did that. Tomorrow 5pm

Dom walked out to finish whatever business he was doing. I look at the wall again and decided, it looks better empty. And at the precise moment, Stacey called in.

Now 5 frames on my desk, with a sexy puzzled looking brunette across my table. I took out one frame and try placing it on different space on my table.

I felt like a little girl re-arranging my almost empty desk. I didn't notice that Stacey was still there.

I look up at her and asked: "Where?" She smiled and took another frame and placed it at the center of my desk and said: "Its up to you boss.

I shall keep this 3 other frame when you figure out this 2." She stood and walked out of the office.

I took about 10 mins going thru my office to find a right spot for the empty frames. As i was about to find the perfect spot for the 2nd frame, stacey walked in and reminded me my schedule.

Oh fuck, my meeting at 5pm. I had so much in mind i totally forgotten about business.

After the meeting, walking back to the car, I checked my messages:

Found them, Jer is stable now, but still unconscious.

Dom, received 4.45pm

Dinner tonight?

Amanda, received 6pm

"Drop me at Amanda's will you?" I told Henry. I replied Amanda:

On my way.

sent 6.20pm

"Don't wait on me, take the car back and that all for today. Night, Henry". Henry is my driver. A good fighter too. I don't like body guard. So he is perfect.

I walked to Amanda's door. Rang the bell.

The door opened slightly and the voice on the other side: "the door recognizes your finger, do you not do anything on your own?

" And there she stands with that baggy shirt of hers, welcoming me with her annoyingly adorable face. I replied: "You mean my fingerprint?".

Cheekily I closed the door again and open it on my own. "See, I can do things on my own." She chuckled as she walk back into the kitchen and I closed the door behind me.

To be continued....

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