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With every in hale I take, I forget the previous day

What I Want in Life

With every in hale I take, I forget the previous day Not to be cruel but to save my sanity.

I want to forget the past good and bad To live the present and not know what to expect

To know at one point I was great... is killing me Because I'm stuck in a mind of uncertainty Who questions their existence with humanity.

What is my role? How can I let go and be free? How will I find my way of living?

Instead I'm stuck in a shadow of a girl who used to be a queen. A girl who always knew what she wanted to be, Now she's lost so much that her soul isn't as happy.

As much as I scream for help No words pass my lips. I guess I'm stuck in a relapse of this so called life that's apparently a gift.

I question my beauty, Is it something I really see in myself, Not really... As much as I'm praised about it, I hide behind a smile that everyone think is perfect

With all the compliments I still question who this unknown person could be. So lost that the path it once walked... Can no longer be seen. Drowning of doubt, fear, and past events.

Why am I still here? Who is this so called me Is this life I live real or is it the reality of a dream

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