To my boys
To my boys
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tyblow I write things sometimes share 🙏🏻
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To my boys

To my boys

Your young now but getting older Cams a baby and kohens a big brother

I’m wiping diapies now cuz I’m a good father Please leave your brother alone and don’t be a bother

Soon I’ll be old and wrinkly like Cam Basically a newborn but a 70 year old man

Well slowly switch spots I promise I’ll get you back But for now just chill I want to relax Hyper hyper hyper never stop running

Keep that same energy for years that pass Have high hopes look to the stars and moon come together in synergy To create a typhoon

A wave of hardworking men I’ll teach you what I know Apply it apply it in every way you can Get good jobs find good wives have kids and teach them to be friends

I’ll love you boys forever Nothing is better than watching you grow Love dad

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