I almost died
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I almost died from addiction but I’m on the right path

I almost died

If I slow things down I love how it sounds The soft echo of Cameron’s cry in disguise as a bad sign of how he’s not fine He needs a bottle or to be swaddled up

While my 3 year old loudly plays with trucks Before Betty Ford Hazeldon, I’d get all worked up Now I think of it as all around fun stuff

I almost died from one tiny substance So I look and listen at the world like there’s not an abundance Trying my best even tho it doesn’t always work

Things play out either way you may look what iv learned is there’s one straight road But with different ways that you took Not good roadblocks or avenues you misconstrued that left u in soot

Others like kids Relationships Or books

where I’m standing is green grass that you shouldn’t overpass Create a whole new path like a wonderful map

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