today i wrote something
today i wrote something sad stories
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ty creative writing student
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the musings of a writer on a downward spiral to nowhere

today i wrote something

he’s my friend now

i’ve made peace with him

he’s not so bad

he’s better than hurt

who demands my attention like an infant

he’s better than angry

who burns up my energy as if it was petrol

he’s better than sad

who makes desperate the only other adjective for my name

numb brings his own friends

side effects

i put up with them for him

he brings exhaustion

who steals my motivation before i wake up

he brings lack of appetite

who makes math easy in comparison to eating

he brings isolation

who differs from the loneliness i knew

not seclusion by choice

isolated because i can no longer connect

to anything or anyone

everyone is a robot

i am a robot

there are no feelings here

only numb

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