Machines (Part 1)
Machines (Part 1) ending relationship stories
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ty creative writing student
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another attempt to get over it by creating abstract poems and metaphors for the end of my world

Machines (Part 1)

There is

A strange sound

Coming from our machine

I take a closer look

Some cogs were gone

Essential for the machine to keep going

I turn to you

In your hand sit the cogs

They would fit perfectly in that hole

They would make the machine work again

I ask you to put them in

It can't be too hard, right?

All you have to do is trust me

You disagree

Say that it doesn't work like that

Resentment builds in you

You say I don't understand

It's not as simple

As putting a few cogs in the machine

These were parts of you

You do not want to share

Frustrated, I look for plan b

Maybe there are cogs in me

That could occupy the space

Help the machine go

So I tear myself apart

Looking for the right pieces

But none would work

I try putting the wrong cogs in

But seeing me in pieces

Scattered on the ground

Only makes you scared

Again, I beg

Again, you refuse

So I keep going

And going

And going




But it will be worth it

For the machine

The machine is all that matters



Enough is enough

Your refusal makes me turn

Against you

My desperation makes you turn

Against me

I turn the switch off

But it doesn’t work

I have no other machines

You have plenty

You put your cogs in those machines

I can't bring myself to hate you for it

Like a child, I turn the switch on again

Desperate for it to work again

Its all I have

But with a defeated cough, it gives out

No amount of power

Will even give a hint of life

Without warning, our machine explodes

Shrapnel hits my fragile body

Pain becomes the only feeling

I scream

I cry

I keep ripping myself apart

For you

But when the dust settles

You're long gone

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