Don't call me, I don't care
Don't call me, I don't care feelings stories

twobirdsonawire Daniel▪He/they
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I know you're sorry, I can hear it in your voice
Something about the same recent ex.

Don't call me, I don't care

I know you're sorry,

I can hear it in your voice

But it's not enough to mend the damage you've done

You broke my glass heart with your sledge hammer,

And I have to rebuild it in steel

And I can't do that with you around


Always, always,

Always, always, always, on my mind

I can't heal when you speak to me,

Just like old times

It's not the same as it was

I know it,

You know it,

And yet,

You speak to me as if it never happened.

We were just kids playing in the dark,

Holding hands,


Talking about how screwed up our lives were

I didn't know not to give you my glass heart,

Didn't know you would play with it like you do

Now it's shattered and torn apart,

An ugly and broken mess

You can't glue it back together like an arts and crafts project,

So please,


Please, please,

Please, please, please

Stop trying

Don't make me pick off the petals of your forget-me-nots,

You care,

You don't,

You care,

You don't

It won't heal me and neither can your words.

So if you're sorry

Don't call,

I dont' care

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