The Percabeth Chronicles: The Engagement Party
The Percabeth Chronicles: The Engagement Party percyjackson stories

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Piper McLean throws an engagement party for Percy and Annabeth

The Percabeth Chronicles: The Engagement Party

Piper McLean was optimistic. She wasn't usually the bossy type and she usually let Annabeth handle that. But when Annabeth wasn't available, Piper was the next best thing.

So she got a clipboard, a planner and a whistle and gathered all of Percy and Annabeth's closest friends.

Hazel, Frank, Nico, Thalia, Leo, Calypso, Grover, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare all gathered in Rachel's cave to plan a surprise engagement party for Percy and Annabeth.

Leo had brought food and everybody was munching on chips, cookies, and muffins. Rachel was sitting on her stool talking to Grover.

Calypso, Thalia, and Nico were sitting in a corner talking while Hazel and Frank were standing by the entrance looking around at the camp.

Leo flitted between the groups cracking jokes and annoying Calypso.

Piper looked around at everybody and felt a hole in her heart. She closed her eyes and flashbacks from Caligula's boat filled her mind. Jason wasn't here. Jason wasn't here. Jason wasn't here.

He wasn't coming back. He wasn't coming back. He wasn't coming back. Her eyes flew open and she steadied her breathing.

Annabeth, Leo, Hazel, Frank, and Percy had been her support during the time after Jason died. But the time for weakness was over. She had to suck it up and smile even if she felt herself crumble.

"Hey, can everybody listen to me?!" Piper called. Everybody quieted down and looked up to her, which was surprising for this group. "Thanks, you guys.

As we all know Percy and Annabeth are getting married! And I wanted to surprise them with an engagement party!" Everybody looked at each other.

"That sounds awesome!" Hazel said. Thalia nodded and said, "Annabeth will love this!" Calypso sighed and nodded. Frank raised his hand. "Yes, Frank?" Piper asked.

"But aren't Annabeth and Percy getting married in a year and a half?" Frank asked. Rachel leaned back on her stool. "But this is an ENGAGEMENT party. Not a wedding party.

" Frank nodded, satisfied. Grover raised his hand after that. "Where would we hold it?"

Piper smiled. "Glad you asked. Any ideas?" People started thinking. "What about one of their cabins?" Calypso asked. Piper jotted that down. "The mess area?" Leo suggested.

"Central Park?" Thalia said. "The woods?" "The big house?" "Annabeth's house?" "Percy's house?"

Those were good suggestions, but it wasn't what Piper was looking for. It needed to be open and happy with good memories but still private. Then Rachel's hand shot up into the air.

"OMG, what about here! There is tons of room but is super soundproof! It would be awesome!"

Piper looked around and everybody seemed to agree. "All in favor of this being the party place?" Everybody raised their hands. Piper smiled. "So we have a venue. Any theme ideas?"

"The sea!" Grover yelled. "The beach!" Hazel said. "Heart themed?" Rachel asked. "Disney!" Thalia said. "Mettalic?" Leo asked. "Dark depths of the sea," Nico said.

"Gold and glitter," Calypso said. "Animals!" Frank said.

Piper shrugged. "I'm thinking of the sea and beach combined. Sand and blue streamers and all that." Everybody nodded and agreed.

Nico did look a little huffy about it but otherwise, everyone was satisfied.

Soon the party was underway. They were going to have it in Rachel's cave with blue streamers and a floor covered in sand.

They were going to watch movies, eat tons of food, play a bunch of games and embarrass Percy and Annabeth a TON.

Two weeks later, Percy and Annabeth were guided out of their cabins by Thalia and Grover led them out of their cabin.

This involved being woken up at 12 at night, being forced to get dressed and ready for the day, and being pulled very harshly out of the door into the warm air.

Thalia dragged Annabeth behind her, who looked at least a little presentable. She wore jeans and a tank top. Her teeth were brushed but her hair was in a sloppy ponytail.

Thalia could be very forceful.

In contrast, Percy was still in his pajamas with his hair sticking up everywhere. There were circles under his eyes and looked like a zombie.

But Annabeth thought he looked adorable. The two moved together and Annabeth gripped his hand. They started brainstorming what the heck Grover and Thalia were doing.

"Maybe they're trying to torture us," Percy said. Annabeth laughed. "They wouldn't do that."

"You don't understand," Percy said. "They're torturing us by waking us up." Annabeth laughed again. "Not your best joke but I'll humor you since your sleepless.

" Percy smiled and let go of her hand. He then wrapped his arm around her waist. The two kept walking while Grover sighed happily and Thalia pretended to gag.

"This is why I gave up love. No PDA allowed," Thalia said. Grover laughed. "You haven't seen anything yet."

They reached Rachel's cave. Thalia and Grover told them to wait. They went inside while Annabeth and Percy waited outside.

Then Piper's voice yelled, "Come in!" So both of them walked in.

The floor of the cave was covered in soft sand. There were blue streamers everywhere. And then in the center was a TV, a table of food, and some board games. Annabeth looked up and gasped.

"Percy look!" The ceiling was painted with a picture of Annabeth and Percy in ancient greek clothes holding each other. They both looked at it in wonder.

"Rachel, did you do this?" Perc asked. Rachel nodded. "Alright who planned the party?" Annabeth asked. Piper waved her clipboard. "Me!" Annabeth smiled.

The party went off awesomely. They sat down and watched Disney's Hercules. The entire tie they shouted out the inaccuracies and how different they're parents looked.

"My mom has normal skin!"Why the heck does my dad have a fishtail?"Heracles killed Megara!"THIS IS INJUSTIIIIIIIICE!"

The heroes for once in their life didn't have to save the world. They just had to watch movies, play games, and eat food. And life was good.

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