Percabeth at School Headcanon
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twixie Broadway trash and Percy Jackson stan.
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Percabeth Headcanon!

Percabeth at School Headcanon

Everybody at school knew Annabeth Chase was a nerd. She was always reading a book, got good grades in everything, and could answer any question right.

Because of this, the girls at school made fun of her. But one thing kept her going: She knew something no one else did. The gods were real.

So that usually propelled her through the day of insults and gossip. But one day it wasn't enough. So many people had belittled her just for being smart.

Annabeth was tired, overworked and had too many suppressed emotions that came out in a flood of tears in the girls bathroom. There was only one thing that would make her feel any better.

And that was Percy. But she couldn't call him. That would be weak! The pros and cons of IM-ing Percy. Before she could make up her mind, the bell rang and she went back to class.

Once she got to the door of her math class, she saw something strange. Sitting in her desk was Percy! "Hey Annabeth! I transferred to your school!" Annabeth ran to him and gave him a hard kiss.

They sat next to each other and wrote notes to each other the entire class. The teacher, being a daughter of Aphrodite, didn't object.

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