I moved closer to her and mounted her.
Snippet of chapter 13 romance stories

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I moved closer to her and mounted her.

Snippet of chapter 13

She pushed me to the ground then climbed on top of me, and looked into her eyes. No matter how many times we do this or admit to loving each other, I will always feel vulnerable around her.

She is my weakness, my world, and my soulmate. After all we’ve been through, I can’t think of what life would be like without her.

Spotty moved her head down until she was within for him to catch her lips. She ran her paw down one side of my ribs, and my spine shivered while my heart rate hastened.

No Flower, No Nala, no one to stop us. I dominantly grab her hips with both paws. She let out a cute little moan and titled her head in response.

Slowly she moved in seductively, then with quick movement, pressed her warm, supple lips against mine.

She broke the kiss for a brief second before pressing her lips with more aggression. I don’t why I felt so good being dominated by a female in these situation. She did again and again and again.

It was stubble on lips and She having to stop, to get her breath, to restart her heart. She learnt over to my ear.

“ I want a cub” she said so sexily “ with you dhambi”

She got off me to let me up. She turned around to get herself ready for me to mate her. Showing off her natural, muscular, flawless ass to me.

I moved closer to her and mounted her.

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