Corrupt Timing

twistedthoughts of mine
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Corrupt Timing

by twisted

lately I've been seeing people holding hands in the halls

kissing each others foreheads

some are awkward

some causual

and very few like I was with you

and I can't stop thinking about you

everything is always




whether in my thoughts

my dreams

or my hopes

no matter how many times I shoot a text

or leave a voicemail

you're nowhere to be found

do you love me?

do you hate me?

or just want to be left alone?

what I do know

is that we were in love

it was so strong

so powerful

and no matter who comes my way

its just




we crossed paths at such a stupid time

and it kills me

because our love was so right

but our timing was flawed

and what I'm going to miss for the rest of my life

is looking into my other half's eyes

and seeing the love for me staring back

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@penny thank you!! he's not in my life anymore but its okay

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awww this is SO CUTE i hope you sent it to that special someone