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twistedthoughts of mine
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278 Days

by twisted

I remember sitting outside your house

a basketball hitting the pavement

the smell of summer blowing through my hair

legs crossed

little dots scattered all over them where scabs had just been

now filling up with the kind of red that makes the pain go away

you come around the corner

looking at my bloody legs and frowning

your left arm wraps around my waist and you sigh

not knowing how to help

little did you know

that just the thought of you could bring me out of the deepest depression

278 days later

I sit outside my house

the wind is blowing my unwashed hair into my face

dark jeans cover the scars I made nearly a year ago

the cigarette in my right hand is occasionally pulled up

meeting my lips, the place where yours used to be

they said it'd get better by now

but I know better than to believe that

I take a drag with my shaky hand

and take a look up at the night sky

I can't help but think about the day you left

you sitting on the edge of my couch, holding my hands in yours

you shove a letter into my palms and tell me to read it

"I'm sorry," you keep saying

"I'm so sorry..."

tears run down your face

I run upstairs

the door slams behind me

I open my drawer and pull out my blade

I hear you leave

I carve your name into my left wrist

blood runs down my arm and drips onto my thighs

it all happened so fast

and I'm still sitting here 278 days later just as wounded as I was then

your name is scarred on my wrist in white

I now see that I needed you like water in my lungs

but oh god

I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

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