The Ballad of the Hopeless Romantic
The Ballad of the Hopeless Romantic button poetry stories

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You came with the full moon Sparked my heart like a lightening storm in June

The Ballad of the Hopeless Romantic

You came with the full moon

Sparked my heart like a lightening storm in June

You're a romantic

And that lit a flame in me

It's only week three, how do I already want to call you baby?

Our connection was instant

Flirtation weaved between hours and hours of conversation

In disbelief at my luck, best believe I looked up

And the stars confirmed you were a product of manifestation

What a beautiful thing that

We saw each other emotionally naked

Before we ever felt each other's touch.

The tenderness of it makes it all that much more special:

Because isn't it a miracle,

to fall for the flesh between one's ears before the flesh between one's legs?

To accept each other with no conditions

Before each other's clothes became conditional?

I can say for certain it does make all the difference:

I know because when I saw you for the first time last night

I wondered if this is what soulmates are made of,

If it's divinely orchestrated, such an easy, stable kind of love.

If crackling electricity

And gentle touches that stoke intense heat

Are what we're meant to experience when we find our twin flame.

And sure, time will reveal the strength of this love's foundation

But here, with you for the first time

Sweet baby, I know we're creating a source of light that shines

For what I'm hoping is the rest of our lives

Love, I'll happily dive deep in the oceans your eyes supply

And share with you the joys and pains of living till we die.

In the steadiness of your loving gaze,

Supported in the comfort of your warm embrace,

I know for certain you are everything I've prayed for.

Would it be too much if I asked the universe for more time and space to be near to you,

To hear your soft whispers alleviating my fears when I'm blue

Would it be too greedy to ask to spend eternity with the one that sends my heart soaring past the stars?

Surely it can't be too much to ask, right?

Because here we are,

Underneath love's trance in the city lights

And I can't help but see

Every piece of our future together--

And the affirmation of your reciprocation secures this budding love all the better.

Honestly, I can't wait to love you

Oh please, dear heart, let it be for forever.

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