The lover and the despised- a mess
The lover and the despised- a mess tropes stories

twiggie I write strange shit :)
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I wrote this using a random number generator so it doesn't have much direction, but it was fun to use really classical tropes and translate them to a more modern setting...

The lover and the despised- a mess

She doesn't walk into the class. She floats. She always floats. Like a bubble in the final seconds of its pointless but pretty life- barely there. Her hands shake a little her eyes are red.

Has she been crying? Or something else...?

He turns his head haughtily as she walks towards the back. Riffing with his laughter. Showing off his youth. She smiles vaguely at him. He grins back. He's dyeing slightly inside.

But delighted all he same. Not for the smile. For the chance to passively flirt.

He wonders as he jokes with his friend why he does his to himself. She's clearly a million miles away and hoping to get much father. She won't be back in time for tea.

He might as well save his energy. Oh, but it was irresistible.

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