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twentyonegoopz Endless symphonies, and worn pages...
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You’re like smoke, dancing in the air. It’s hard to look away from the swirling waves of gray. It’s easy to fall in love. To get addicted to loving you.



When I’m upset, And I need to clear my head, I usually go for a walk, To try and cool my nerves. No matter the weather, I walk for a while. I take in the sights, And I try to think.

As I’m walking, slowly, I try to answer my own questions, Swirling around and around in my head, Until you can no longer see them. Then I see smoke rising from a chimney, From a quaint little house,

With a birdbath, and a trellis with old vines.

It makes me think of you. And I can only say to myself... I hope you’re warm, unlike me, I hope your heart feels whole, And that those dimples I love so much are showing on your cheeks.

Cause when I walk through these empty streets, Missing the fire in your heart, That keeps me so warm, I want nothing more than for you to be happy.

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