Thoughts of a Beech Tree
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Reflections on life from a three hundred year old beech tree.

Thoughts of a Beech Tree

It’s been so long I've stood here for over three hundred years.

Just watching. Watching the people below.

Most of them go about their lives. They don't give me a second glance.

But I wait.

Children play, and sit in my shade on a hot day. I watch them grow. They usually leave me after a while. It's okay. There are always others.

I don't remember my early life. The years blur together as I watch the world change. I've grown strong and tall. My branches reach high into the sky.

Children try to climb them while their parents watch from below.

There aren't other trees where I am, in the middle of a field. I get lonely, so I try to talk to the flowers. They don't care much to talk to me.

They whisper their secrets to each other, so softly I can't listen.

I try to talk to people too, but they can't hear me. Trees are patient. I have spent years just waiting and watching over the field.

I feel like the only tree in the world. I know there are others. But I've never seen them. I'm lonely out here.

One time, a small sapling was planted near me. It was a beech tree, like me. We talked, but it was only there for a few months. Some people decided to take it away.

So I was alone again.

It's not easy to watch the world go by. I got tired. I'm old.

It's winter now, and like all past winters, I have lost my leaves. People don't visit anymore. The white snow covers everything, and as always, I sit.

And I watch.

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