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Felicity walks into the bunker to find a gift waiting for her on her computer. Who is it from? More importantly, who put it there?

New Year's Gift

Felicity walked into the bunker, her ponytail moving as she walked. She wore a red dress with a black belt. Oliver loved her in red. Diggle said, "You look happy."

"I am. We had a wonderful New Year's Eve, and my Mom didn't even get on my nerves. "

"Married life agrees with you, Felicity."

Felicity smiled and said, "Thanks, John. What did you, Lila and JJ do?

Before he could answer, Felicitiy saw a wrapped box on her computer. "What's this, John?"

"I don't know, it was there when I came in. I thought Oliver had to put it there."

"I don't think he could have. He and William left at the same time I did to take Mom to the train depot, and not that I'm anxious for my mother to go, I told them to take their time."

They thought it could have been Lance, but that would be out of character for him.

Then Diggle thought it might have been Curtis, but Felicity felt that certain that he would have left it in her old apartment that now served as tan office for their business.

The box was about the size of a cigar box only a little deeper. The wrapping was a beautiful silver paper with a white and silver ribbon. There was no to/from on the box.

She put it aside preferring to wait until Oliver arrived, just in case it was from him.

Diggle and Felicity worked on trying to locate where Cayden James might have been, but every ten minutes Felicity would turn the gift and shake it.

Diggle told her that nothing had happened since the last time she shook it, but she said, "I love a mystery, I have to find out who sent it."

"Then open it, " said Oliver as he came into the bunker. Felicity ran to him with the box.

"Did you leave this here for me Oliver? Have you had it here since Christmas, because you know this is my best gift, and you didn't want me to find it?

She babbled on, but Oliver only smiled, and said, "I can tell you with certainty, Felicity, that I did not get you whatever is in that box."

"Then maybe Rene, Curtis, and Dinah left it here for you," said John.

Then Oliver surprised both of them, "No, they couldn't have. On the day they left was the day I changed the code to get in here. I gave it to you two, but I didn't give it to them.

" Diggle felt a little shocked at this.

"Then who is this gift from? Maybe from Lance?"

"No, Felicity, it wasn't from me," said Lance surprising everyone by his appearance.

I needed to talk to Oliver, but it can wait.

Now Felicity was almost afraid to open the gift. Oliver urged her to do so. They all stood around her as she sat down with the gift to open it.

She carefully took off the ribbon and wrapping, and then carefully opened the box. She carefully, slowly opened the lid. She looked stunned.

She lifted her eyes straight into Oliver's blue eyes, and Oliver saw the fear in hers. Felicity could barely speak.

"Felicity," said Oliver, but she she could barely utter her words, Oliver rushed to her side, and place his hands on her arms. He looked.

Inside the box lay a watch, a ring, photos of Felicity, and tag that said, "personal effects of Billy Malone."

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