Spoil Me - Tuba Khan

                                                 Spoil Me

                                      -     Tuba Khan button poetry stories

tubakhan Seeking validation online :)
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Form me words, make me poetry.

Spoil Me - Tuba Khan

Take me places, where, only I can be Show me things, made solely for me Sing me verses with thou and thee Build me palaces for the world to see Oh lover! In all ways, spoil me.

Let me pout at things, to which, I disagree Let me be a brat, let me free Let me on a tantrum spree Let me be a storm’s wild tree My lover! By all means, spoil me.

Bring gifts and jewels and flowers for me Become what none of them, back then, could never be Fill all those voids of being, for years, solitary Make all come true, every childhood fantasy Yes my lover! I have been waiting for you to spoil me.

Bring the perfect brushes to detail the curve of my bree Bring me chords, make me a symphony Make those drops dance to form my shades of the sea Form me words, make me poetry Oh lover, just once, let yourself spoil me.

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